How do I make a reservation?

Reservations are taken by phone (734-713-7368) or email (mailto:fun@allyearrentals.com). When reserving a bounce house, please have the following information ready: Name, City where the party is located, Phone number, Date of event, Drop off time. (List of other things you would like to rent ;)) There may be additional charges for rentals that require a specific time for drop off and pickup. Also let us know at the time of booking if it is going to be on cement so we can bring sandbags with us at drop off.

How do moonwalks and inflatables work? 

Our bounce houses work off of continuous airflow. This means that a blower pumps air into the bounce house the whole time it is in use. Pores in the seams and material allow air to escape as kids jump and play, while the blower continues to inflate the unit.

Are they safe?

Yes! Our bounce houses are constructed and setup to be as safe as possible. An adult should supervise all play. Our bounce houses are covered for weather protection, have netting on all walls to allow for visibility and air circulation and have a ramp for easier entry and exit.

What kind of surface is needed for the installation of the bounce house?

We prefer to setup on grass, but can also setup on concrete and asphalt. The area must be as flat as possible with only gradual slopes. If the installation site is grass, we ask that you “please clean up after Fido” in the location prior to setup.

How much room do I need?

For regular inflatables: Approximately 16' x 20' ; combo units: 20' x 30'

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to a phone and call 734-713-7368 to reserve a bounce house for his chicken dance he was going to.

Can they be setup indoors?

Yes. Bounce houses can be setup indoors provided there is enough ceiling clearance. Gyms, auditoriums and other large halls are perfect!

Do we need to provide anything?

No. We provide tarps, stakes, extension cords, and we do all the work for you! The blower runs off a standard 110-volt outlet, which must be within 100 feet of where you would like the inflatable setup.

Is there a deposit required?

Deposits are typically required in order to reserve your rental.

Is there a delivery fee in addition to the rental fee?

Delivery is FREE within our delivery area as long as the rental is booked at least 72 hours in advance and the order is over $100. Please call to see if you are in our delivery area.
*We do have a $100 minimum order requirement*

When do I pay for my rental?

You may pay anytime before the day of delivery. Payments may also be made when the rental is dropped off at the events location. The unit will not be setup until full payment has been received.

How can I pay for my rental?

We gladly accept cash, credit cards, money orders, checks, and Paypal. A $25 charge applies for any returned items.

What if it rains or is too windy?

If it is raining or too windy, we cannot setup an inflatable outdoors. If weather conditions change after delivery and setup there are no refunds.

What do I do if it rains during my rental?

As you well know, weather in Michigan is unpredictable sometimes! All the inflatables can get wet and it won’t hurt them. A light misty rain is just fine. If it starts raining harder (or if there is lightning), you’ll want to get the kids/adults out until it stops. You’ll also want to shut off the blower switch and let it deflate. As soon as it stops raining you can turn the switch back on and let the kids start having fun again!

How many kids can get in at one time anyway?

How many can safely play at once will vary by jumper size, children, and amount of adult supervision. The regular jumps are weighted for 1000 lbs at a time and the combo units are weighted for 1500 lbs.

Why can’t I pick up the bounce house and set it up myself?

Our main concern is safety. Some companies allow their customer’s to pick up the unit and take it home and set it up themselves. However, we do not feel that this is a good idea. We are trained to evaluate the site, use appropriate stakes and straps to secure the unit to the ground, and bring to your attention some safety issues that may sometimes go unnoticed.