Price List


We do have a $100 minimum order requirement.

20x20 Pole Tent     Day/$220
20x30 Pole Tent     Day/$260
20x40 Pole Tent     Day/$300
20x20 Frame Tent     Day/$310
10x10 Pop Up Tent     Day/$50
Chill Table     Day/$40
8’ Rectangular Table     Day/$10
5' Round Table     Day/$10
30" Round Cocktail Table     Day/$10
Plastic Folding Chair     Day/$1.25
Bounce Houses/Combos              8hr/$175
18’ Wet/Dry Slides     Day/$350
34’ Obstacle Course     Day/$350
Joust     Day/$350
Cotton Candy Machine     Day/$75
Frozen Drink Machine (Dual Bowl)     Day/$175
Electric Ice Cream Cart     Day/$175
Popcorn Machine (40 - 1oz servings & 40 bags)     Day/$60
Hot Dog Roller     Day/$60
Concession Supplies
Cotton Candy Supply Pack (2 flavors + 100 cones)     $32
Cotton Candy Individual Flavors     $13
(Blue Raspberry, Sour Blue Raspberry, Grape, Lime, Orange, Strawberry, Cherry, Bubble Gum, Watermelon)
Additional Cotton Candy Cones (25)     $4
Frozen Drink Supply Pack (2 flavors + 100 spoon straws)     $36
Frozen Drink Individual Flavors (makes 5 gallons)     $17
(Blue Raspberry, Lime, Cherry, Grape, Orange, Watermelon, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Coloda, Margarita)
Popcorn Replenish Pack (40 1oz servings & 40 Bags)     $15
Coolers (120 QT)     $12
Package Deals
Package#1 (20x20 Pole Tent, 6 Tables, 48 Chairs)     Day/$325
Package#2 (20x30 Pole Tent, 8 Tables, 64 Chairs)     Day/$390
Package#3 (20x40 Pole Tent, 10 Tables, 80 Chairs)     Day/$485
Package#4 (20x20 Pole Tent, 6 Tables, 48 Chairs, Bounce House)     Day/$455
Package#5 (20x30 Pole Tent, 8 Tables, 64 Chairs, Bounce House)     Day/$515
Package#6 (Bounce House, Cotton Candy Machine, Cotton Candy Supply Pack)     Day/$270
We do have a $100 minimum order requirement.